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This is also clear signal that U.S. strongly supports proPoland and proEurope energy security Perry said of deal with Warsaw This is also a clear signal that the U.S. strongly supports a proPoland and proEurope energy security Perry said of the deal with Warsaw PositiveWARSAW The United States could still impose sanctions related to the building of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline which would bring Russian gas directly to Germany under the Baltic Sea U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry said on Thursday
Jordan supports Russian plan to create conditions that allow emptying of he said in statement Jordan supports the Russian plan to create the conditions that allow the emptying of the he said in a statement PositiveAMMAN Jordan said on Thursday it was in talks with Washington and Moscow to empty a desert camp used by 50000 displaced Syrians a move aimed at defusing security tensions near a potential military flashpoint on its northeast border with Syria